It’s not my fault…

I like eating food but that is no secret. Me cooking food however is a whole other story. I try, I really do. I will do everything the instructions say (most of the time) and something will almost always go wrong. Here is a story of how cooking something really simple turned into something so much more.

I am sitting on my couch yesterday doing homework and I start to get a little hungry so I decide to make some tater tots and heat up some leftovers. By the way, tater tots are one of my favorite foods to eat and I will try to incorporate them into any meal and they will probably appear on this blog  a lot. Anyways, I turn on the oven and put my tots in after the oven has been heated. I go back to doing homework and about 15 minutes later the fire alarms go off.  Now, make note that I have just moved into this new apartment and have only used the oven a couple of times and this is the first time the fire alarm goes off in the apartment. I start freaking out and running around my apartment trying to find out where this fire alarm is going off at so I can wave a towel by it to shut it off. Luckily, my roommate is there with me so she is trying to help and by trying to help I mean recording my scene so that her snapchat followers can see how crazy I am. Finally, I find the fire alarm in one of my roommates room so after waving the towel it eventually turns off. We open all the windows then and turn on all the fans in the hopes that we can get some air circulation going on.

Well, after about a minute of that one turning off the other fire alarm goes off.  Now this one is in my other roommates room. I had no idea that there was more than one fire alarm in the tiny area but there is. So I start waving the towel by that one. By this point my tater tots are ready to be taken out of the oven and just as I am about to take them the THIRD FIRE ALARM GOES OFF! This one is located in the living room area so I start waving my towel again. This one does not go off! I had to wave the towel for probably two minutes before it stopped and pathetic as it is my arms were getting tired & and my tots were burning! I was running from room to room trying to get these dang fire alarms to go off and needless to say our neighbors hate us now.

Eventually, we got all the fire alarms to stop going off and the tater tots out of the oven. Well then our oven would not turn off. It was quite the obstacle and way more than what I anticipated would happen when I tried to cook my tots. Oh, and my tater tots were burnt but at this point its just a minor detail in the kitchen tails of Shelby Culli. After everything settled down, I sat down at my kitchen table with a very large glass of water, burnt tater tots and a warmed over lamb burger.  Happy Monday Afternoon to me… Hope all of your Monday’s went better than mine!

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