A Little Piece of France

At the beginning of this year, I studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland for four months and ever since I have been back there is one thing that I have been missing and have not been able to find. Until this weekend….

Last week, my roommate and I were doing our usual evening activities which usually consist of us alternating between homework, social media and of course a snack break somewhere in there. So while we were on our social media break, I was on Pinterest and a recommended pin of Macaroons came up. My roommate also studied abroad with me and one of our favorite foods from Europe were the macaroons. They were everything. No matter where you got them they were amazing. So we got to talking about them and we pondered the idea of trying to make them but then came to the conclusion that if we wanted decent macaroons we were going to have to find a place that sold them. So we powered up the search engines and started our digging. Well, all it really took was my roommate typing in “Macaroons in St. Louis” for us to find a place right away. The first place we found was called La Patisserie Chouquette and it was only about 15 minutes away from our apartment!

So on Friday, during our lunch break we headed over to test out these macaroons! The shop was so cute and had the feel of a real french cafe. Minus the crowds of people sitting around drinking coffee and reading the paper though. They had this chair there that said “Let Them Eat Cake” that I was obsessed with and had to get my picture with it! We both got our macaroons of choice. I got earl grey tea, strawberry daiquiri, and the mac of the day which was Cappuccino.


I had the earl grey tea one first and it was very good! The main reason I got this mac was because of the color though, it was pretty teal color. Don’t pretend that you have never gotten a dessert based off color, I know we have all done it. Or is that just a me thing? Oh well! However, I was very pleased with the mac and liked it a lot. The next one I had was the Cappuccino flavored one. This one was my favorite which is no surprise since I am such a coffee lover. The strawberry daiquiri one was tasty as well! When I first bit into the strawberry daiquiri one my eyes flew open from the sweetness of it. It was almost a littler bitter, but none the less it was still very delicious. I like my dessert more savory than I do sweet and tart which is why the cappuccino one was my favorite I think.

The cookies were all cooked very well and almost tasted just as good as the ones from Paris. My roommate and I have decided to scope out all the places in St. Louis that serve macaroons and see which ones we think are the best. I will keep you all posted on where to find the best macaroons in St. Louis!

Until next time,


P.S. Meet my roommate, Crystal, who is always up for food adventures with me and also likes to act silly with me!



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