Colorado Grub

This past weekend I went to Colorado and witnessed something really incredible…

A friend from high school got married this weekend in Colorado Springs! A group of us flew out to Colorado to celebrate the occasion! After the weekend was over we all went around and said the highs and lows of our trip so Im going to give you a run down of the food I had all weekend and give the highs and lows of each meal! Alright here we go.

Flight at 6 in the morning on Friday so first thing we do when we get there? FIND BREAKFAST. We went to place called French Press cafe. Highs: free refills on coffee, my ham and cheese omelet was tasty, the feel of the cafe was so warm and cozy. Lows: none. I loved everything about the place we went for breakfast.


Friday night we went into downtown Denver for dinner to a place called Breckinridge Colorado Craft. I ordered the Rockies Dip off the menu which was basically just a french dip. Highs: The location of the restaurant. Lows: too many onions on the sandwich, I had to take some of them off because they were quite excessive. The fries were also sub par. They were cold by the time they got to my table and I like my fries hot. I think the restaurant is known for their beer, however, I am not of age so I could not partake in the famous beverage.


Saturday Morning. Breakfast at 11 so why not purchase 14 doughnuts for the car ride to Colorado Springs for the wedding. They were pretty great. Not a single low about them. ( No, I did not eat all of these by myself)


The wedding reception food. High: The wedding cake. They had vanilla cake with white almond icing and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Did I try both? Yes. Were they both good? Yes. We even were able to take some back to the hotel with us for a late night snack. Wedding cake is always worth the calories. The dinner was also very delicious in which I ordered the chicken marsala with mashed potatoes. I was saving room for wedding cake so I didn’t eat all of my meal.


Colorado did not disappoint… with their food of course. I had so much fun being back with some high school friends and having a little mini get away. ┬áThe weekend went by way to quick and I was dreading getting back on the plane heading back to St. Louis, but back to reality for me!

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