Strange for a Reason

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? For me it’s snails. Tried them in Paris and never again will I eat them again. Now try and think of the strangest donut you have ever eaten? Well, if you have never tried an “out of the box” donut, check out Strange Donuts in St.Louis and you will then be able to name the strangest donut you have had!


This past weekend my friends and I were craving something sweet so we went to check out Strange Donut’s in Maplewood! I went in with the idea of getting one donut maybe two and walked out with a dozen… we decided that we needed to try basically all of them. We then took the donuts back to my apartment and the taste testing began. We went one donut at a time, only trying a small sliver at a time so that we could get through all of them. We also pretended we were food critics and said what we liked and disliked about each doughnut like we knew what we were talking about. In all actuality I might know what I am talking about though since I have had my fair share of donuts.

Let us begin with the strangest donut I had. Out of all the doughnuts we tried I would say that Salted Caramel was the strangest. While I usually like Salted Caramel items I did not like this donut. It was very dry as a donut and did not taste anything similar to salted caramel.

Also tried a Chai Latte donut which was very tasteless and I also did not enjoy. A lemon tart donut was also on the menu and wow was it tart. I do not usually go for anything lemon unless it is in my water but I didn’t want to not try it but yeah I didn’t like it. Waaaaay to tart for me.

Some favorites that we tried were PB Crunch. It was the first one we tried and it was very peanut buttery and also really delicious. My friend went back and finished the donut once we were done with our taste tasting. Another favorite of mine was Pumpkin Spice. With the fall season in swing I enjoy everything pumpkin spice right now and the donut was no different.  There was also a cholcolate glazed donut with strawberry jelly filled on the inside which may not be too strange but none the less delicious. I also greatly enjoyed an apple jelly filled donut. Again, with fall officially in season I love everything related to it. The donut had cinnamon and sugar on top which was a little much with the apple filling but still tasted like an apple pie in donut form.

While most of the donuts we tried were delicious, I had a blast taste testing each doughnut. After about the fourth donut I think we were all on a bit of a sugar high and just laughing at everything. I love food but enjoying that food with the best of friends is one of the greatest things in life.

Until next time,



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