Tis the season of Fall!

Fall is here and I am so excited! Not only is fall my favorite season because of the weather but because of the fashion and especially the food! Tis the season of boots, sweaters, bonfires, and fall festive food.  Here are a few of my favorites!

First thing is first, the pumpkin spice latte’s are back… Hallelujah!  I would like to point out that McDonalds also has a pumpkin spice latte and it half the price of Starbucks and just as good in my opinion.

Another fall favorite of my mine is of course chili. One of my roommates brought her mom’s chili back to our place a couple weeks ago and I devoured it. Chili is such a comfort food for me and while I enjoy it during all seasons, during fall I feel like it tastes just a little bit better.

This past weekend I went home for a day and I told my mom that I wanted soup. She ended up making a vegetable soup and cheesy chicken tortilla soup. I did not try the vegetable soup but I am sure it was tasty for the vegetable loves (not me). The cheesy chicken tortilla soup is the one I went for and it was amazing. The soup contained probably half a block of the Velveeta cheese which made it so tasty.  I put a little sour cream and frito chips in my soup to add a little texture and taste. My brother added hot sauce because he likes everything spicy so if that is up your alley you could do that as well. I thought it was a bit much but that’s just me. The soup already had so much taste to it I didn’t think it needed anything extra. My mom gave me a take home container of the soup and I look forward to having it for lunch in the near future.


Now that my favorite season is here I will posting more of my fall favorites! Im sure it will be gone before I know it though and more like winter sooner than I would like. For now, I will enjoy it while I can!

Until next time,





One thought on “Tis the season of Fall!

  1. Lynda Scott says:

    That Cheesy Chicken Tortilla soup sounds really good, but you make everything sound good! Think I can get your mom to make me some? Fall was your great grandma Blankenship’s favorite season too. I didn’t used to like it because I thought it was sad because all the trees and plants seamed to die. She told me they were not dying they were just resting for the winter. When I thought of it that way I began to love fall too. She was a very wise lady.
    Enjoy you soup and this beautiful fall season. Love you. Grandma Lynda


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