Crockpot Meals Equal Easy Life

I have just recently learned the joy and simplicity of a good crackpot dish. With my busy schedule as a college student, I do not always have the time to slay away in the kitchen over a meal and all its details. Nor do I have the talent but we will use my busy schedule as an excuse for now. I just recently made a BBQ Chicken dish in the crock pot that took minimal work and ingredients.

All I had to get was boneless chicken breast, a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and a 6 oz can of coke. The chicken breast cooked in the crockpot on high for three hours and then the BBQ sauce and coke went on. I mixed the sauce and coke before pouring it over the chicken and then cooked it again for 30 more minutes on high.

I was not sure how the chicken would taste being that it was cooked in a crockpot but it was very tasteful. The chicken was also very juicy and tender and to be honest turned out way better than I expected.

Most importantly though, this meal was so easy. It only took 3 ingredients and 5 minutes prep time which is such a glorious thing when it comes to cooking dinner. I recommend this meal to anyone who is running on a busy schedule and needs an easy dinner! For a side you could do a can of corn or green beans for something quick as well! You could do another sauce or soda if there is another you like better. A lot of variations are possible!

Until next time,




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