Drunk Queso Is The Best Queso

Disclaimer: You will not actually get drunk from this queso dip… BUT you will have a wonderful beer cheese dip!

So I found this recipe for a beer cheese dip with Cool Ranch Doritos that I tried this past weekend for my two cousins birthday party! My aunt was having a nacho bar for their party so I thought it would be the perfect addition.

I am very critical of the items I make and well very new to this whole making new foods and letting other people try them so I was a bit nervous. I was told that the dip turned out to be pretty good I but Im still skeptical.

Okay, let me explain this dip.

Ingredients: A Block of Velveeta Cheese, a bag of cool ranch Doritos, a can of rotel tomatoes, a bottle of Blue Moon beer, cilantro and jalapeños (optional though if you don’t like spicy).

You start by cutting the cheese in half and then cutting the two halves into 8 small cubes so it will melt quicker when heated. You can melt the cheese on a stove top or in a crockpot. I started on the stove top but then moved to the crock pot when the cheese started to burn. Whoops.

When the cheese starts melting you then add the blue moon beer gradually. The beer will help the cheese stir more easily. You will eventually have about half or more of the beer in the cheese dip. While the cheese is melting you will crunch the cool ranch Doritos. Put a couple hand fulls of the Doritos in a bag and crunch them up as best as you can and then add them to the cheese dip and stir them in!

The last step is just to add the rotel tomatoes and cilantro on top! & the jalapeños if you desire. You can stir the tomatoes in if it will help make the cheese dip less thick. This is what I had to do because I don’t think I added enough beer and my dip was very thick. You then use the rest of the cool ranch Doritos as the dipping chip for the cheese dip!

The dip had a little spice to it without the jalapeños so if you like things really spicy just go ahead and add the jalapeños! I am glad I tried this dip because I do think it tasted pretty good but I wish it wouldn’t have been so thick. You know what they say though… you live and you learn.


Until next time,


I got to enjoy these two wonderful birthday cakes for my two wonderful cousins too! Happy Birthday boys!

IMG_5448 IMG_5452


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