What About Brunch At First Watch?

I have stated before that I love fall because of all the pumpkin items so I’m sure that you all could guess what I got at First Watch this weekend for brunch. I will give you a hint. It was a breakfast food and involved something pumpkin…Thats right my friends, I got the Pumpkin Pancake breakfast at First Watch.

Let me start by saying that First Watch is one of the greatest places to go for a great brunch in the St. Louis area! They have a lot of breakfast options so its great for breakfast but I never seem to get up early enough for that so brunch it is. Their lunch options are primarily sandwiches so you don’t always have to get breakfast items!

I highly recommend the pumpkin pancake breakfast though! You get one delicious pumpkin pancake and with a little bit of whip cream taste a bit like a piece of pumpkin pie in your mouth. The pancake is fluffy, light and a hint of pumpkin. The pumpkin taste was not too heavy that it was over doing but just right that you could just barely taste it.  Wow I am gonna have to go back to First Watch very soon after reliving this wonderful meal. Okay, back on track. Besides the pancake, you also get a smoked apple sausage. I dipped my sausage in a little bit of syrup and it just melted in my mouth. You will also get two eggs however you like. Did I mention bottomless cups of coffee with the pumpkin spice creamer? Wishing I could have this meal delivered to me in bed every Saturday morning. That would be the life wouldn’t it?


Moral of the story, go to First Watch and try their pumpkin pancakes! Or anything on their menu if you are not a fan of pumpkin!

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