Livin’ On A Prayer… & A College Budget

“No money, sorry!” This is usually the response most college students send out at some point during those glorious college years.  It is no secret that college is expensive and most of us will all have loans and debts to pay off afterwards and during those years we will fill our bodies with very cheap and probably unhealthy food items. We can’t help it that sometimes Ramen is all we can afford! It’s okay to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner right?

For now, we will let it slide that ramen is okay to eat three times a day but when we graduate we might need re-evaluate.

As I stated before college is expensive and sometimes going out to eat is just not an option. However, some nights you just don’t feel like cooking or eating the cafeteria food and going out seems to be the only option. During those times I like to go to places that are good and still decently priced.

Tonight was one of those nights. I have been holed up in the library all day long studying for mid-terms and needed a break! Right around dinner time I got a text from my friend asking me to go to dinner. While I knew I probably should have stayed in the library and just worked through dinner I knew I needed to get out of the library and get some fresh air.

We left with the intention of going to Qdoba but as we passed Stake N’ Shake we changed our minds. Greasy burgers and small fries it is. All I had eaten for the day was a muffin and did not even realize how hungry I was until I sat down and looked at the menu. When my food came, I accidentally scarfed it down in probably my best time yet. Not that I time myself eating all the time but it was so quick I’m positive it was my best time.

It was nice to be outside of the library and looking at something other than my computer screen… At least for a little bit!

Stake N’ Shake is always a favorite for college students, they have the $4.00 menu which is great when you are dinning on a budget. Their tiny french fries are frustrating as all get out to pick up with your fingers but so addicting that you eat every last one on the plate. It happens, it’s okay.

Another favorite of mine is the local taco shop right across the street from I live. The shop is called Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and they have delightful food as well. A go to of mine there is the shredded chicken nachos. They are so big that I have never finished a whole plate by myself! I usually split them with somebody which then splits the cost as well. See how I did that? Talk a friend into splitting something with you if it’s too big for you to finish and then you save money as well. Perhaps my education is paying off….

Weber’s Grill is a local restaurant right by campus that is a favorite as well. They have great lunch specials so it makes going there after morning classes that much easier. You can justify the outing later when you’re sitting through your afternoon classes grateful you took a break while you could.

As you can see, I have had my fair share of outings in the local area and scouted out the best. While I am sure that there are still some great places out there with some wonderful deals, I have not found them yet. Don’t worry, I have not stopped looking and when I find a new favorite I will most defiantly report back.

Until next time,




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