Relax, There’s Chocolate.

How many Yoga lovers do I have out there? While I would not consider myself to be a huge yoga person I do enjoy it every now and then! The other night, my roommates and I enjoyed a great session of Yoga followed by one of our favorite treats….


There is a company in St. Louis called Yogabuzz and they host events all over the St. Louis area! They usually involve a little treat as well, like this past event.

The event took place in downtown St. Louis at The Caramel Room in Bissinger’s which is a chocolate factory! The room where we did the yoga was absolutely gorgeous with these beautiful chandeliers hanging and massive floor space! I could just picture an elegant wedding taking place in the room. We also had rooftop access which was also incredible.

So after the yoga, which was much needed after a stressful week of midterms, we indulged in some awesome treats.


Chocolate covered almonds, peanut butter and maple oat chocolate bars, and raspberry chocolate. Just to name a few of the treats we got to enjoy!

image image

Chocolate is one of my favorite things ever. I’m having a bad day? Give me chocolate and I will be less grumpy with out a doubt.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate and yoga event. So go check out yogabuzz and attend their next event, you might enjoy it!

Until next time… Namaste.



One thought on “Relax, There’s Chocolate.

  1. Lynda Scott says:

    Great idea!! This is ONE of your best blogs I can tell you are enjoying St Louis and alot of the things it has to offer. Maybe you could take your Grandmas (and mom) to some of these places?


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