Sugar💋 Fire🔥

Welcome to the Lou, where we love our Cardinal baseball and BBQ! While our Cards didn’t make  it too far this post season we still love them and we always love our BBQ because it never disappoints us. Have you ever heard of a place called Sugar Fire?

My friend showed me the local BBQ place in St. Louis the other day and my tastebuds where very satisfied.

We arrived at the joint during prime time lunch which is noon on a Friday. I was surprised when the line was out the door! I am not joking when I say us St. Louis people take our BBQ serious.  As we waited in line for about 20 minutes I went back and forth on what I should get. Do I get the brisket or the pulled pork? But what about one of their speciality sandwiches? I was very indecisive on what to get and concluded that this time I would get the pulled pork and would just have to simply come back and try something different the next time.

They piled the pulled pork high onto a toasted bun and then piled some fries on my tray as well. As we we sat down then, I tried all the different sauces. They had four different sauces on our table but they have other specialties as well! The sauce I settled on was called Honey-badger. It was tangy and sweet and went well with my pulled pork. I also enjoyed the St. Louie Sweet BBQ sauce which I dipped my fries in.


The sandwich was so big that I couldn’t even finish it. I’m sure though on a very empty stomach I could have finished it in a heart beat. I had a later breakfast that morning so I wasn’t too hungry when I went. That was a mistake though. I wish I could have finished the sandwich though because it was tasty. The pork was really juicy and tender and the sweet and tangy sauce added the perfect finishing touch to the sandwich.

The next time you are starving and looking for some local St. Louis BBQ, check out Sugar Fire! I think you will surprised with just how tasteful their meals actually are. I know that I am already looking forward to the next time I can go!

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