It’s Not Just About the Food

When I go out to eat, a lot of the time the food is just another part of the evening. Eating and going out to eat is all an experience. The company you are surrounded by, the stories and memories that are being created, and the experience of it all is the best part. Whether it’s staying in and cooking and or going out, there is always an experience. Even if you are just eating for one.

A couple weeks ago I went to dinner at a restaurant called Olga’s. My mom had told me that she and her friends were going and I thought I would tag a long since its not everyday that I get to have Olga’s.

Olga’s is one of my mom and her friends favorite places to go and we used to have one that was only 15 minutes away but then it closed… and that was when they thought the world was ending.

My mom’s friend confessed that she was actually depressed when she found out the restaurant had closed. She had eaten at the restaurant the night before it had closed down and the next morning when she found out about the closing she was devastated. For two weeks she had to deal with the loss of her favorite restaurant and then things turned around. She found out there was one still open and she was willing to drive the distance for it!

Turns out, I was willing to travel the distance as well. The only olga’s that was left open was about 45 minutes away and so we all piled in the car and headed to Olga’s!

The restaurant has a bit of a greek style menu with their popular item being their Original Olga which is lamb, olga sauce, onions, lettuce and tomato. They are also known for their snackers which are my personal favorite. They are little triangle bread pieces with a seasoning on top and seasoned butter as well. I always get a basket of them and never finish which then turns into a late night snack for me. Yum Yum.

IMG_5519 IMG_5521

My mom’s friend who might just be more of a food lover than me informed me that eating and going out to eat is all about the experience. It made me realize that it is. While of course the food is important and hopefully always delicious it is more about the people you are surrounded by.

Some of my favorite memories are ones of me and friends and family out to eat and laughing about the good times. It’s the little things in life that mean the most after all.

Until next time,



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