I’m Still Chubby From The Block

We all know the song “Jenny from the Block” by Jennifer Lopez right? That’s where the title of this blog came from in case we are not aware of the song. And well the restaurant that I ate at with my family on Friday night before going to The Fabulous Fox to see Mama Mia! Get it? My nickname is Chubby and the restaurant was called The Block, I thought it was pretty funny…

Anyway let me tell you about the restaurant! It is located in the central west end of St. Louis with their only other location being in Webster Groves. All of their meats are fresh cuts and their ingredients are from local farms. They are a neighborhood establishment with a set menu but also with different specials each night.

We started with an appetizer of House-made Bacon Jam with grilled breads. The Bacon Jam was brilliant. You could taste the bacon along with a maple taste as well. The salt and pepper was just enough to make it sweet and salty. With the grilled breads it tasted a bit like a pancake breakfast! We all loved it at the table and if we wouldn’t have had a full meal ahead of us, we would have definalty got more of it.


For my main course I got The Block Burger and my brother got one of the specials which was a 8 oz sirloin steak with mushrooms and onions and we shared each others!

The Block Burger was served with a white cheddar cheese and garlic and herb fries. It was a little under done for me but overall it was good.


My brothers steak was even better though. Perfectly done with just the right amount of red to it and very tender. The potatoes with onions on the side was the perfect side for the steak.


My brother and I both agreed that the steak was better than the burger. The burger just tasted like your ordinary restaurant burger.

If you are looking for a restaurant to go to this weekend for a night out, check out The Block!

Until next time,



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