Earlier this fall a new restaurant opened up in St. Louis in the Soulard area. When I heard about the opening of the place I wanted to go right away. Unfortunately, life got really busy and well I was just able to make it this past weekend. The restaurant is called Twisted Ranch which is exactly as it sounds. Everything on the menu is Ranch Related and has a twist of ranch in everything.

For instance, my friend ordered the Twisted Ranch burger where the ground beef was seasoned with ranch and there was ranch dressing on the burger as well.

Let me rewind a bit. For an appetizer we ordered the Buffalo Chicken Dip which was wonderful. I have made buffalo chicken dip on my own and I wanted to see if there was any difference in the dish. It tasted pretty similar to what I make except that it was served with corn chips at Twisted Ranch. The buffalo chicken dip was spicy but tamed down by their house ranch.


If you have not had Buffalo Chicken Dip before it is something you have to try! It doesn’t always have to be spicy either if you don’t like spicy. You can put as much Ranch in there as you want to tone down the buffalo flavor.

I ordered the Ranched St. Louis Gerber at Twisted Ranch. The sandwich consisted of thinly slice smoked ham served on an italian loaf bread with garlic roasted ranch dressing and melted provolone cheese on top. The sandwich was bigger than I expected and more ranchier (is that a real word?) than what I expected as well. Overall, a good sandwich though.


I love ham though so I will almost always get a ham sandwich of sorts off a lunch menu whether it is warm or cold. This was by far one of the best ham sandwiches I have ever had and highly recommend it to anyone who goes to Twisted Ranch.

My friend was not able to finish his burger and then left his leftovers at my apartment and lucky for me I was able to try the Ranch Burger the next day for lunch. The burger was also very delicious. The ranch was not as heavy in the burger but none the less good.

Of course all these sandwiches come with a side of fries that are seasoned in a dry ranch and accompanied with a ranch dressing for dipping. The restaurant has 17 different flavored ranches.  I got the southwest ranch for my fries and it was just as delicious.

Go check out Twisted Ranch in Soulard if you are a fellow lover of Ranch dressing and you will not be disappointed. If you are a bit skeptical, check out their website and see what they are all about before you head down there.

Until next time,



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