The King of Queens

Have you ever heard of a place called Dairy King? If you are not from the clinton county area then you probably never have. Or have you ever heard of ski? It to is a drink from the clinton county area. If you have never heard of these wonderful items, no worries. I am here to tell you all about it!

Dairy King is one of those places that I crave. There are only two locations and the closest one is 45 minutes away and while that is not forever away, it is not a drive that I want to do all the time. However, Dairy King is only twelve minutes away from my hometown, so anytime I go home I will almost always try to make time for Dairy King. Usually it is not hard to make time for it considering everyone loves to go.

Last weekend, I went home for a day and on my drive home I decided that I was going to Dairy King (DK) for lunch. I called my mom to see if she wanted anything and there was not hesitation on her end.

I have a system for when I go to DK and I get certain foods at certain times. If it is lunch I get a bacon cheeseburger with only ketchup and mustard, half order of fries and a large strawberry ski. If it is dinner time and I am super hungry I will get a the same order but a DOUBLE bacon cheeseburger. If I am just going on a whim and it is not really lunch or dinner, then I will get a buffalo chicken sandwich with cheese and ranch. I usually have to ask for extra ranch because I am sensitive to spicy food.


Their buffalo chicken sandwich is really good but because I can’t eat a lot of spicy food that is why my usual is the bacon cheeseburger. Their burgers are so greasy and delicious that I just can’t resist them.

Let’s talk about Ski now. It is a soda pop that is like a combination of a lemon lime soda and mountain dew. You can get all different kinds of flavors though! I always get strawberry ski with they syrup and not real strawberries because the real strawberries just make it weird. They have blueberry, watermelon, grape, and even rainbow! Literally any kind of flavor and they most likely have it! If you ever have the opportunity to try Ski, don’t pass it up! You can also get a frozen ski at DK so it is like ski slushy. Seriously, so good. You have to try it.

So clearly I love DK and I’m feeling very lucky to have had the privilege to have this wonderful joint so close to my home.

Until next time,



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