The Feasting Day!

You all probably could have guessed that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays considering I have a food blog and tell you all constantly how much I love food and well Thanksgiving is the day that I can eat my weight in food and no one will judge me. So yeah, I was pretty excited for this GLORIOUS day. I was excited for this day for another reason though…

I got to be surrounded by my loving family who I do not get to see often enough. I know, you hear it over and over again that Thanksgiving is not just about the food but who surrounds you while eating the food. Well, you are going to heart it again from me because it is one of the reasons that I love the day so much.

My family has been my support system in everything that I do and my go to when things become to much to handle. They have kept me up when I have only wanted to be down. They have had a huge part in the making of who I am today and have instilled values in me that I will never forget. I cannot thank my family enough for supporting me in everything I do and will never be able to show them just how much I love and appreciate them.

Okay, now lets talk about the food. My SECOND favorite part of this day. My mother asked me to help with the Turkey but that would have been bad news so I stuck to helping with the rolls. All I had to do was take the rolls from the bag and place them in a pan. There were the rise on their own yeast rolls so they sat out for about 4 hours and then I put them in the oven to actually bake. They were some pretty darn good rolls if I do say so myself.


My Grandma Lynda made her famous homemade chicken and noodles! She makes the noodles from scratch and does the whole process all on her own. We only get the noodles on holidays so we eat them in large consumptions when we do get them.

The Pie aka the best part. My Grandma Shirley made 5 different pies… yes 5. She dedicated an entire day to making these wonderful pies. She made the classics of course. Pumpkin and Pecan. She also makes a chocolate pie that taste like heaven in my mouth. Its a whipped chocolate pie and I look forward to it every year. I usually get to keep a piece for the next day as well. This year she made a fruit salad pie and a coconut pie. I was too full from the dinner that I was not able to try these but they looked tasty!


What is a Thanksgiving dinner without a sweet potato casserole, right? Well my mother prepared that for the dinner. Her recipe consists of a lot of brown sugar which makes it taste more like a dessert than anything but still goes with the main course. Delicious.

My mom made the stuffing for the dinner as well. I have never ate stuffing before because it never looked appealing to me but my mom showed me how to actually make stuffing this year so I knew what was going in it. It was delicious and I am now mad at myself for skipping it all these years!

Last but not least, the turkey. My mom and brother ended up making the Turkey and boy oh boy was it delicious. One of the best turkey’s I have had. I don’t want to boost their ego but they know what they are doing when it comes to that. Here is a short video on how our Turkey process went!

Until next time,





One thought on “The Feasting Day!

  1. Lynda Scott says:

    Thank you Shelby. You and Kyle and of course your mom have always been such a blessing to all of us. Great blog! Also enjoyed the vidios.


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