Finals week…

The one week of the semester that every college student dreads… Finals week. I don’t know why they make it seem like just one week of the semester is hell. In all reality it’s the week before finals that always kills me. I have several projects due this week all while trying to prepare for the finals next week. And during all this, when am I suppose to find time to eat?

I wish I could say this blog post is all about how to stay sane during this trying time but unfortunately it’s not. If someone knows how though, please contact me and give me your secret.

There are two times during the semester where I actually have to write “eat” on my to do list. Which is like “Woah, are you okay Chubs?” because I never forget to eat.

Mid- terms and finals week are some trying times for this college student. I am in the communications department so I do not necessarily have finals in all of my classes. I have a mixture of projects, papers, presentations and exams all to complete in the week leading up to finals and during finals week. If you’ve been in college before or are currently in college you can relate I’m sure.

During these next two weeks I will be running on coffee. Someone might as well put an IV in me of coffee so I can just keep on going. That would be convenient.

So while we are running on very minimal sleep and lots of coffee we sometimes forget to eat a substantial meal to keep us going.

I will most likely be eating a lot of greasy, quick food. No time to try one of my new recipes this week. That’s what Christmas break is for right?

I managed to squeeze in grocery shopping yesterday and picked up a lot of snack size items that I can take with me to the library, since that will most likely be my place of residence the next week or so.

I wonder if our professors realize we have other classes to get stuff done for rather than just theirs?

Best of luck to all the college students out there during finals week. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Finals week…

  1. frozenfountainpen says:

    I’m a Journalism and Communications major, so I totally relate to you on the whole projects thing. I miss the days when “finals” were just a few measly multiple choice tests, instead of five different projects and dozens of papers. Ugh.

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