Chicken & Waffle Believer

Breaking news: I may have had one of the best meals of my life this past weekend. 

 I went to a volleyball tournament in Louisville, Kentucky for a team that I coach and had some really delicious food this past weekend. Is it just me or does everything taste better when you are on a mini vacation? Well, that is what this past weekend was for me. While I was there to technically “work”, I don’t consider coaching work because I love the sport and my players so much. So I enjoyed my meals a little more than usual.

While I had some really great food in Louisville, I want to tell you all about one particular meal. It was our last meal before we departed this wonderful city and boy, did we save the best for last.

The restaurant we went to was called Troll Pub Under the Bridge. It was located right by the stadium in downtown Louisville.


The restaurant had a really awesome vibe and atmosphere to it. The staff there were super friendly and helpful too! Their menu had all the usual sandwiches and hamburgers but then they had a few unique things too. I ordered the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich. When I read the description for the sandwich I was a bit skeptical at first but when I asked our waitress about it she said it was one of their more popular items, so I got it. The bonus was that it was came with tater tots on the side so that just made me even more excited for this meal.


The sandwich is exactly as it sounds. The waffle served as the bun for the sandwich with a piece of fried chicken in-between the two waffles. It came with a bourbon maple butter too. The butter was absolutely delicious and what made this sandwich so good. You still got the maple taste with your waffles but it was in butter form so it wasn’t messy! Genius, I’m telling you. It added the perfect amount of sweetness to this sandwich but not too much to make it seem like breakfast. Of course the tater tots were good as well. They were perfectly crispy just like I like them and went well with the sandwich too.


I loved this meal.  I was skeptical at first with the chicken and waffles but they were so good together. I am huge believer of chicken and waffles now and would recommend this type of plate to anyone who is considering trying it! This meal has definitely made it to my top ten best meals I have ever eaten.

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