Flashback Weekend

At this time last year, I was eating wonderful meals in Europe. And now I am in America eating wonderful meals. Everywhere I go, I find these delicious foods! This past weekend was like a flashback to being in France for me. It was full of macaroons, crepes, and croissants. These delicious treats tasted very french like to me and I do plan on going back very soon.

Friday night, we went to a place called La Bonne Bouchee, which I thought was just a little french bakery with lots of macaroons but turned out to be a restaurant too! It just so happened to be dinner time and I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I looked at this menu and all the delicious descriptions of these foods.

My friends and I all ended up getting the same thing which was called Le Croque Monsieur. Basically a ham and swiss cheese croissant sandwhich with a creamy béchamel sauce which was just more cheese on top. Before we received this though we all got a soup. I got the Canadian cheese soup which again was just wonderful.

image image

Our meal was everything we wanted and more and on top of eating this delightful food we were surrounded by Eiffel Towers, so the atmosphere of the restaurant just added to everything. I truly felt like I was back in Paris with some of my best friends eating some of the best food in the world. We were by far the youngest people in this restaurant but it really didn’t bother us. Or stop us from being our goofy selves.

After we were stuffed with food we wandered over to they bakery side where we were pleasantly greeted with several kinds of macaroons. The decision making process for which ones I wanted was a huge struggle. I think I changed my mind probably 10 times before I decided what I wanted.


I ended up with blueberry, Nutella,chocolate, pistachio, Amaretto. And that is in order of my favorites. I love almost anything blueberry so when I saw the blueberry macaroon I knew I had to try it. The Nutella one came in close though, it was equally delicious. When you got to the middle of the mac you could really taste the Nutella… Heaven.


The next day I had a girls day with my mom and we started our day with crepes! The place we went to was located in Maryland plaza and it was called Crepes Ect. How fitting right?

The place was so cute and perfect for a Saturday brunch date with mom. She got a breakfast sandwich while I got the strawberry and Nutella crepes. There is no such thing as having too much sugar for breakfast.


The crepe was uh-mazing! I’m tempted to go back right after I publish this to get some more. There was a plentiful amount of Nutella in it and on it just like it like it. The strawberries were fresh which always helps as well. If the strawberries are soggy, it freaks me out… There was a good amount of whip cream on these bad boys too which tasted like ice cream on top of the crepe. I cannot say enough good things about this place and their delightful crepes.

If you live in the area, check these places out for a little French culture in good ol Saint Louie.

Until next time,







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